Motor vehicle power of attorney

Vehicle Power of Attorney (VPOA) is a document that allows a person, partnership or corporation (the agent) to make business transactions on behalf of another person, partnership or corporation (the principal). The power of attorney authorizes DMV transactions usually do the following operations agent for the principal

  • buy, sell or register the car
  • record deposits
  • apply for a duplicate certificate title

DMV does not give power of attorney form.

You do not need to register a POA car for someone else, if you can show proof of identity and date of birth of the applicant in the office DMV.

Specific Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney

A power of attorney can describe the specific operations that an agent can do for the principal. Agent can make only the transactions described in the PA. If the POA does not indicate the specific operation, the PA general power of attorney.

General Power of Attorney usually states that the agent can do several operations or all operations for the principal. For example, General PA could mean that the agent is authorized to do "anything and everything" Operation principal.

Generally POA is acceptable for road transport operations in the offices of DMV, if the PA relates to transactions for all "movable property and goods," the principal.

DMV will accept General POA transfer certificate passport of the vehicle only if

  • the applicant provides the original certificate of title
  • person who transfers the title certificate and a person who receives a certificate of title is not the same person

Automobile dealer or employee of any car dealer can not use the general PA transfer vehicle.

Secure Power of Attorney

Secure power of attorney printed with security features and is used for the purposes of disclosure mileage in the transfer of ownership of the car. The seller can use a secure PA allow the buyer to complete the presentation of the odometer on the certificate name when

  • the original certificate of title is lost
  • the mortgagee has the certificate of the original name

Other states give a secure proxy. New York State DMV accepts secure power of attorney issued by another state, but New York State does not issue a safe PA.

Car dealer can use the PA security pass Out-Of-State title certificate if safe PA was released in the same state that issued the certificate of title.

Requirements for proxy

New York State DMV will accept a power of attorney only if it meets all of the following requirements

    PA shall contain

  • date of PA was issued
  • the name and address of the agent
  • name, address and signature of the head

POA must be notarized (relief printing is not required)

  • The agent must write "POA" next to their signature all forms and documents requiring signature
  • if the corporation or partnership, agent, the person who signs the forms and documents you need to provide an extract from a partnership or a corporation, a person authorized to use PA

If you plan to use POA for more than one operation, to inform the representative of the DMV. The representative of the POA return after completion of the transaction.

If the POA secure power of attorney or the client will use the POA only one operation, DMV will keep the POA and attach the POA application.