California Probate Code Section 4400-4409

4400. This part may be cited as the Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney Act.

4401. The following statutory form power of attorney is legally sufficient when the requirements of Section 4402 are satisfied:

NOTICE OF INCOMPLETE TEXT: The Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney appears in the hard-copy publication of the chaptered bill. See Sec. 1 of Chapter 251, Statutes of 2005.


Irrevocable POA in common words is a power of attorney that cannot be revoked by the principal.

A power of attorney lapses for legal reasons (by operation of law) such as for mental incapacity or death. An irrevocable power of attorney will not lapse because it is continuing (enduring) and irrevocable, cannot be cancelled. An irrevocable power of attorney must say that it is irrevocable and it must be given for valuable consideration.

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